squirrel controlSquirrels causing damage to gardens, bird feeders or entering your home? Contact us today for effective Squirrel control.

Grey Squirrels were introduced to the UK from North America in the 19th Century. Prior to this our native Red Squirrels where widespread thought the UK. They have long since been displaced in Most of England and Wales and parts of Scotland. The Grey Squirrel is classed as an invasive non-native species.  Grey Squirrels also have a profound impact on other habitats. They cause damage to trees and forestry by chewing the bark or ‘ring barking’ causing branches or entire trees to die off.  They will also sometimes raid birds nests, eating the eggs and young chicks.

As well as damaging trees and forestry, Grey Squirrels can cause damage to your garden and domestic property. They will quickly rip apart bird feeders to get at the food inside. Squirrels will sometimes build their nest or ‘dreys’ in loft spaces. In this situation they can cause considerable damage, chewing timber, insulation and wiring.

We use a range of traps to trap grey squirrels. Some catch the squirrel alive and other kill quickly and humanely. Please note; as an invasive species it is an offence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to re-release a grey squirrel into the wild once caught alive. Live caught squirrels must be humanely dispatched.