ratsRats entering your property or scratching in the attic? Contact us today for effective control before further damage or contamination. If you think you may have Rats, Contact us today for free advice.

The Brown Rat Rattus norvegicus, is by far the most common rat species in the UK. It inhabits our sewers systems and thrives anywhere human environments provide a source of food, water and shelter.Rats cause considerable threats by:

  • spreading disease inc. Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, e-coli and Salmonela
  • Causing Damage, rats constantly gnaw plastic, wood, metal and wiring.
  • Contamination by feaces, urine, hair and dead animals
  • Distress to people who fear rats or have their property or lively hood threatened.
Signs that you have Rats:
  • Dropping around 17mm long, 6mm thick, often grouped together
  • Gnaw marks, especially around point of entry or area of activity,
  • Burrow or entry holes around 6cm in diameter, but can fit through gap of just 15mm
  • grease smear marks along well used runs
What we do:
  • Full inspection of your property to identify possible entry points.
  • Intensive treatment to control your Rat problem.
  • Advice of proofing to prevent future infestation.
  • optional disinfecting treatment to kill bacteria spread by Rats.

Rat control Trowbridge WIltshire

Rats breed rapidly once they have found good conditions. If you think you have rats, act now and call us today!

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Reoccurring Rat problems? Here is a long term solution to Rats moving into your property from the sewer. Click to watch Ratblocker clip

Posted by Town & Country Environmental Pest Solutions on Friday, 12 February 2016