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Wasp nest removal Wiltshire. Like all insects, wasps fulfil an important role in nature. Wasps prey on other insects and therefore help to control insect pests in agriculture, the garden and the wider environmental. Queen wasps build nest in cavities, sheds, loft spaces and holes in the ground and that can number thousands of workers. Their painful stings and possible risks to those with allergic reactions can bring them into conflict with humans. Nests are best left alone, although it may be necessary to remove them if they are posing a risk or causing a nuisance . When you are making this decision it is important to consider risks to your neighbours and other who may be present in the area.

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wasp nest removal WiltshireWhilst there are many DIY products available for destroying wasps nests, you may decide to call a professional. Wasps will become aggressive if they are disturbed at the nest site. This is a particular risk if the nest is situated in a difficult location or confined space such as an out building or loft space.

People can sometimes find it difficult to tell the difference between Wasps, Honey Bees and Bumble Bees. Be sure to contact us if you need advice. We have over 30 years family Bee Keeping experience. We will always aim to remove Honey Bee and Bumble Bees alive where possible. Honey Bees can be passed to local Bee Keepers. Bumble Bees nests can be relocated to the wild.

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