Dirty Common housefly viewed from up high, Musca domestica, isolated on white

Fly Infestation Pest Control in Trowbridge and Wiltshire.

This time of year Fly Infestations around Windows and Attics are often caused by Cluster Flies returning indoors to shelter from the cold. Contact us today for Fly infestation pest control Trowbridge and Wiltshire.

Flies can be a common site in and around the home, however they can become a problem if numbers increase. A boom in fly numbers in your premises can often be linked contaminated water, waste or undiscovered dead animals, providing ideal breeding conditions. There a thousands of species of fly. Some of the common species found causing problems in UK homes or business include:

  • Housefly, 5-8mm long, grey thorax with dark stripes, associated with waste food and decomposing refuse.
  • Blowfly, 9-13mm long black or blue in appearance, sometimes with a metallic sheen. Feeds and breeds on meat or dead animals.
  • Fruit Fly, 3mm long, brown to yellow in appearance. associated with contaminated water, fruit, juice or even beer. Also known as Bar Flies.
  • Cluster Fly, 10mm long, thorax olive green/grey. Parasite of earthworms. Enters building and loft space in Autumn and spring in large numbers. Can re-occur in the same place. Cluster Flies often manifest in Windows and roof spaces where they gather in large numbers.

Whatever type of flies you are suffering with, call us for advice today.

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