bee removal WiltshireBees can often be removed without the need to kill the colony. With over 30 years family experience in Bee Keeping we will never kill a colony if it can be safely removed alive. These bees can then be passed to Bee Keepers to continue their importaDSCF3379nt work as natures pollinators. Call for Bee Removal Wiltshire & Somerset.

Honey Bee swarms can be common during the warmer months. Swarms occur when the Queen leaves the hive with a large group of workers, in search of a new place to start a colony. Swarms can settle hanging on a tree or building forming a football sized ball around the queen. These can easily be collected and passed to a Beekeeper that can house them in a hive where they can continue their work producing honey.

Honey Bees can sometimes set up home in a wall cavity or chimney. In this case they can be harder to remove. We specialise in bee removal from hard to reach places including Chimneys and roofs. As Beekeepers ourselves, we will only kill a nuisance colony if we cannot remove it alive. As pollinators Bees are a key part of our ecosystem. We could not survive without them!

Bee removal WiltshireWe are also able to advise you and treat all kinds of wild Bumble Bees, Solitary Bees and Mining Bees. If we can remove them from your property unharmed, we will! Keep up to date with our Bee and Wasp removal on our Facebook and Twitter