COVID-19 disinfectant fogging

COVID-19 Disinfectant fogging Trowbridge Wiltshire. Town & Country Environmental Pest Solutions are now able to offer disinfectant fogging treatments effective against Coronavirus  causing COVID-19 using the latest technology in Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging machines.

  • COVID-19 disinfectant fogging effective against SAR-Cov-2, corona virus causing COVID-19
  • Latest technology in Ultra Low Volume fogging
  • Treats large areas in minutes, safe to re-enter after just 1 hour
  • Leaves no stain or damp residue, safe around electrical equipment
  • Optimal droplet size to penetrate all areas
  • Treat your home or business premises.
  • One off or regular treatments available.COVID-19 Disinfectant fogging

We use the Exodus ULV fogging machine which produces a consistent droplet size of 15 microns. This allows our chemical to float on air currents for longer and penetrate cracks and crevices for a deeper COVID-19 disinfectant fogging treatment.

The droplets fall out of the air after around 1 hour and leave no visible residue or staining unlike conventional high volume spraying.

The specialist disinfectant developed for this machine has been proven against SARs-Cov-2 the coronavirus causing COVID-19.

Our machine is extremely efficient and can disinfect large spaces in just minutes. Areas are safe to re-enter after just 1 hour. In addition, the timer function allows the machine to be set to treat an area automatically, ideal to disinfect your business premises out of hours minimising disruption to working patterns.

COVID-19 disinfectant fogging

Application by fogging enables us to treat both large and small spaces as well as surfaces and hard to reach areas such as walls, ceilings, attics etc. Virus Bacteria disinfectant fogging treatment can help give you peace of mind and improve biosecurity in your home or business premises.

The treatment can be offered as an add-on to Rodent or cockroach treatments to disinfect areas contaminated by urine, droppings or foot fall.  These treatments can compliment a deep clean to improve hygiene or as an end of tenancy offered to landlords.