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Fleas can be a common problem, especially if you have pets. Cat Fleas are the most common as they are able to feed from any animal, or human, not just cats. We are able to treat your home or premises for flea infestations using effective insecticides that kill the insects and prevent them breeding. If you have pets, flea treatments should always been combined with having your animals treated at a veterinary surgery to prevent further infestation.flea pest control wiltshire

Evidence for fleas could include:

  • irritating flea bites on legs
  • dried blood faeces ┬áin pet fur or bedding

Flea eggs can often lie dormant in empty buildings only hatching and becoming active when they detect human or animal presence. We are able to work with letting agents or estate agents to carry out Flea pest control in empty buildings and remove the problem before sale or letting.

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