Armies of Ants invading your kitchen or home? Call today for Ant Control, Wiltshire & Somersetant control wiltshire

Ants outnumber people on Earth by a million to one. Ants become a problem when they start to make their way into homes in search of food to take back to the nest. The first signs of ant problems often take the form of lines of ants following pheromone trails along the edges of walls. attempts to kill the ants with home methods such as boiling water are ineffective. These attempts my only kill a tiny percentage of the colony. Spraying the colony with insecticide sprays can also make the problem worse. In this situation the survival tactic of the Colony is to send Queen ants in all directions to start new colonies. This could turn one nest into many. For safe and effective Ant control, Wiltshire & Somerset contact us today.

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