Town & Country Environmental Pest Solutions offer pest prevention and control contract to suit your business.

We are able to remove and prevent pests at your business. Providing high quality service and 1st class knowledge at competitive rates. Premises including food outlets, public houses, restaurants, hotels, hostels, factories, farms and small holdings can often be affected by rodent or insect problems.

Our comprehensive pest control contract covers regular inspection, reporting and control, preventative measures and documentation to meet the requirements of health inspectors.

  • Free initial inspection and consultation.
  • Safe use of poisons and chemicals including full risk assessment and COSHH assessment.
  • frequent monitoring and reporting visits every 8 weeks.
  • rapid response for pest problems between visits.
  • competitive rates.
  • Friendly personal approach with the same technician on every visit.

Why do you need a pest control contract?

The law requires that food premises are designed to prevent pest access and harbourage and that, where necessary, screening is provided to prevent a risk of infestation and/or contamination. Adequate procedures must be in place to ensure pests are controlled or eradicated.

  • Contamination: Insects, Rodents and birds all contaminate surfaces, food and equipment through faeces, urine and hair. This spreads bacteria and viruses putting your customers and staff at risk.
  • Damage: Rats and mice can quickly cause damage by gnawing various materials including electric wires! Insect damage can lead to contamination and wasted stock.
  • Loss of reputation: Bad publicity as a result of pest infestation can ruin a business, not to mention forced closes and fines from environmental health.
  • Legislation: The Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 1995 insist food premises are kept free from pests. Failure to keep your premises pest free can result in closure and penalties of up to a £20,000 fine for each offence or up to six months in prison for serious breaches.